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Operational since november 2000: The WIKON Cloud for M2M applications. All installations with WIKON products transmit their messages to the central WIKON server park. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 12 different languages from currently 40 countries!

The GLOBAL DATACENTER generates and visualizes each state of every installation and all system messages in the field to the customer. On password-protected web sites this information is presented and forwarded to the user. Of course this can also be done with our apps or by visiting our mobile web sites.



For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, we offer a large variety of apps individually tailored to our customer's needs.

These can be easily acquired in your personal market place or app store, so you're always up to date no matter where you are. Additionally you can access our mobile web sites with your mobile browser. With your personal login you will be redirected to our web sites which are optimized for mobile devices.


We support current security standards.

All transmitted data is encrypted using a 256bit SSL-Key. The Global DataCenter is working fully redundant and is being operated at second additional location in Europe. Your data is important to us! The reliability of our server landscape is a big part of our success.


Climate protection by optimized logistics

Our M2M solutions help reducing unnecessary transportation routes. So they not only lower logistic costs drastically but also contribute to the reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions.

Therefore, many suppliers rely on solutions based on WIKON technology.


about WIKON

Since 1991, WIKON is developing and producing products for remote monitoring and control.

Thus, WIKON is one of the oldest and well-established companies in that industrial sector. Also for globally acting customers, WIKON is the partner of choice. Our support centers in Asia, Europe and North- / Latin America cover a large amount of countries and branches.


How does the Global DataCenter work?

More than 50.000 remote control and monitoring systems all around the world communicate with the WIKON Global DataCenter. All the incoming messages are archived and presented on web sites designed individually for the customer.

Everyone can easily organize forwardings to mail addresses,fax or mobile phones. We provide customer-specific sites for application-specific needs. These integrated solutions are currently available in 12 different languages.



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